Thursday, 3 March 2011

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“IT’S the sort of thing I would have done six years ago at Givenchy,"Julien Macdonald told us before his show in the austere environment of One Mayfair, North Audley Street tonight. “It’s much more couture than ready-to-wear – a collection full of love and passion and energy that has been really worked on piece by piece, literally. I’ve had about two hours sleep and I’m on a lot of Red Bull – I’ve got a lot of wings!”
With a glitzy line up of fashion bunnies in the front row –Marina Diamandis, Jaime Winstone, Sadie Frost, Melanie Blatt and Bianca Jagger – you’d have been forgiven for thinking this was a return to the Julien Macdonald of old: glitzy, highly charged and sometimes the wrong side of tarty.
But he was telling the truth – for autumn/winter 2011-12 he has created very beautiful dresses of lace and beaded chiffon that were lightly embellished with antler motifs and looked light enough to fall apart at human touch, as if he’d found them in the attic and cast a spell on them to bring them back to sparkling, gorgeous life. Far more than the barely-there slips of the past two seasons, these were constructed of gold embroidery, light lace panelling, sweeping silk and chiffon skirts over laid in intricate metalwork – leaving us in no doubt that they had been painstakingly produced.
“They’re real fantasy gowns but for a rock star girl, they’re not pretty and timeless, they’re modern – they’re Oscar gowns but they’re accessible for the young women, they have a bit of edge,” he went on. And, if they’ve got time before Sunday, the young Hollywood set would be well advised to call in a favour from him.
“He’s really upped the ante,” Vogue’s Kate Phelan said after the show. “There was a richness to it that was far more considered, but there’s always an emphasis on sexiness in everything he does.”
Inspired by the Scottish highlands, Macdonald explained that his muse this season was a girl who had escaped from a stuffy country existence and run away to indulge her need to be a hardcore rock chick. “She loves listening to rock music – she’s angry at having been brought up the way she has been and she wants to live a life that her parents never wanted her to live – hence the aggressive daywear: goat hair, leather, savage fox – it’s sheer aggression.”
The heavy metal music and punchy goat hair parkas, shredded wool dresses and biker jackets made the point nicely – and provided plenty of Gothic, hardcore choices for the non-Oscar attendees among us that will pay Macdonald’s bills, too. They also served to emphasise the beauty of the dresses and Macdonald’s skill at bringing fantasy fashion to life.

Julien MacDonald AW 2011 - Videofashion

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the show was held in a amazing venue a church at One Mayfair, North Audley Street 
it was a brilliant place for his Gothic collection to showcase,being backstage felt like being in a dungeon.
when we arrived at the location only an hour before we were meant to began we set up the lamps and sewing machines there was still so much embroidery to be done i do not know how it was pulled off
It was a fairytale romance gone gothic - itsy spider-web lace dresses contrasted with impossibly embellished peach chiffon gowns with trains that went on for miles.
The nude and gold tones were countered with inky black sheer gowns and goat hair parkas, perfect for Julien's rock-loving girl. 
Julien Macdonald A/W 2011Julien Macdonald A/W 2011

Julien Macdonald autumn/winter 2011 at London Fashion Week

London fashion week is over! and how exiting it sleep, lots of coffee,surrounded by gorgeous models if only it was fashion week every week,i had an amazing opportunity working at Julien MacDonald preparing for the show and then working at the show also here's a bit of press for his collection which i personally love his new style is spot on taking his fairytale gowns and making them suitable for a Gothic rock chic! This show had it all: drama, romance and a healthy dose of attitude.....much more to come!