Thursday, 16 December 2010

Heres the latest!

i was on tv tonight on a welsh program about fashion not very long but u get to see my designs and also the fashion show at the end take a looks

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Finally its finished!! sorry for the lack of posts life's been a bit hectic,anyway heres my trend forecasting book basically if a look into the future styles predicting the fashion for Autumn/Winter 11 enjoy! feel free to buy a copy! 


Saturday, 29 May 2010

And here they are.. pictures from the catwalk!

these are only my designs,i will hopefully get some other pictures from the fashion show and some back stage ones.
The crowd despite the rain.
My pieces
another shot of my designs
Latest project, Alex S4C presenter modeling my outfit

Photographs by Vicky Symons.

So the fashion show was today,and it rained! ohwell the show must go on.

A huge outdoor fashion show brought to you by the fashion students of Glamorgan University & Peacocks!

The Fashion Design & Fashion Promotion students of Glamorgan have teamed up with high street retailer Peacocks to bring you an amazing fashion show full of young talent. The event will showcase our creativity with garments designed & made by the design students and the latest Peacocks looks styled by the promoters. An exciting afternoon of fresh fashion open to everyone! Must see for budding fashionistas in South Wales :)

S4C were there and filmed it for the tv show i will be showing in i will keep you updated on when its on!and the presenter actually modeled my designs EXITING.

I will upload any images form the fashion show soon.i was soo exited seeing my designs on the catwalk but there was soo much talent and loads of really good designs!!

I will keep you posted with images and news on the tv show!

But until then i will give you a sneak peak at my designs which were worn today.

(these are only quick pictures taken,not the final ones i will be getting professional pictures soon!)

Check it out!

Friday, 14 May 2010

This is basically my life ♡

My second project this year,Innovations i have uploaded pictures of these toils on a model but here are some others i took along the way i have now finished the final garments pictures will be up soon.

Second year project

just some pictures of my work,i will be having it all photographed properly pretty soon,got some location photo shots planned and some in the studio i will put those up when i have them.

some of these pictures are of unfinished garments,

Right ,i have so much work,stress isn't the word. Fashion defiantly is not 9-5! it will all be over tuesday thats the hand in for the last project this yr.

Its kind of crazy how fast this year has gone! i cant believe it,next year will be my final year i was going to take the year out to do some work experience but have decided i want to do my third year now,iv been looking for a placement for the summer and have a few people who may be offering me positions VERY exited about that!

Anyway i think a little bit of online shopping should help with the stress!
heres what i am fancying lately.
What Goes Around Comes Around Mexican Stripe PantsWhat Goes Around Comes Around Aztec Drawstring TrousersASOS Utility TrousersEvil Twin Studded BustierMinkpink Chantily Embroidered Crop Top

Sunday, 9 May 2010

i absolutely love these pieces by the designer of tour de force the theme is of one which seems to link to warriors with hints of tribal,the collection is quite dark and erotic.TOUR DE FORCE believes in offering feminine and flattering designs by creating innovative sculptural forms with intricate details.

Images are very important to me,they are the second best thing for inspiration i love traveling and seeing things for my self
but seeing a great image can be as exciting as the real thing.

Photography is the beauty of life, captured.♥

Everything around us, ourselves included, is in constant change. Photography is our means of capturing now, and to remember where we've come from.☂

  • Images from on∣off

    These Excite me so much.


    On-Off-0169Bryce AimeOn-Off-0166
    "The focus on creativity in the wider fields of design makes the event an invaluable opportunity for designers to collaborate and develop through the unique support network that On|Off is able to offer." i-D magazine's Terry Jones
  • "On|Off provides an excellent platform and support structure for young designers through its showcasing during London Fashion Week." Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

This is the site our uni has set up to promote fashion in cardiff,as its linked to us its a very good way of showcasing our work and getting our names out there!

This is not a show to miss!!!!

British designer Jayne Pierson's Autumn Winter 2010 collection shown at London Fashion Week. her new collection looks absolutely beautiful!

japanese inspired outfit,the aim of the project was to morph the shape of the body and exaggerate the silhouette ,the outfit must include a bag.i have been influenced by my trip to tokyo and took the idea of an "obi" as my bag. Here are the toils.

so iv been so busy in uni! manly getting my final project finished im so exited it looking FAB! and usually im sick of what im making by now but im actually exited about my outfit this time! loving the fabric choices working very well together heres the toils i have made i don't have finished photographs yet Watch this space!! x