Friday, 14 May 2010

Right ,i have so much work,stress isn't the word. Fashion defiantly is not 9-5! it will all be over tuesday thats the hand in for the last project this yr.

Its kind of crazy how fast this year has gone! i cant believe it,next year will be my final year i was going to take the year out to do some work experience but have decided i want to do my third year now,iv been looking for a placement for the summer and have a few people who may be offering me positions VERY exited about that!

Anyway i think a little bit of online shopping should help with the stress!
heres what i am fancying lately.
What Goes Around Comes Around Mexican Stripe PantsWhat Goes Around Comes Around Aztec Drawstring TrousersASOS Utility TrousersEvil Twin Studded BustierMinkpink Chantily Embroidered Crop Top

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