Sunday, 24 January 2010

My first Blog

Im not really feeling very inspired today,its a sunday so it is usually boring,i haven't really left my room much today which is a shame because it was probably the sunniest day we have had in a while.i have just been looking through a book i have recently bought Tim walkers,pictures.I can honestly say it is now my absolutely favourite book. Tim Walker's photographs are so imaginative, wacky and beautifully shot, that this book is guaranteed to inspire you.Ballerinas pirouetting under a dome of animal skulls. A brook babbling through a baroque bedroom. An enormous cardboard swan, lit with lanterns, washed up on a windswept beach. None of this has been electronically manipulated - it's all 'real'. i have been wanting to build up a good collection of books for a while i had The Sartorialist for christmas of my boyfriend and i love that as well even though its a book pictures it really interesting and i read/looked at it for hours.I am still waiting to receive Paul Smith's book "how to find inspiration in everything" i have been meaning to buy it for a while i just hope it arrives soon!

Heres something i just made today, i was bored not the best on photoshop but i enjoy using it,there is nothing special about this image i was just playing about and thought the colours were pretty.

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